The wise women builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down
(Proverbs Salomon -14.1)


Usually we believe that little girls have more language skills and later this difference disappears. At last politicians of men kind make passionate speeches. When we asks about ability of descriptions our feelings, most of men usually answer affirmatively. However, tests show that only 18 % of men are able to talk about their feelings, when they are in love or they want happiness for them or anybody else, whereas more than 38 % women can act eloquently in such situations. Similarly, more women than men are able to show sadness. Only agression can be expressed better by men than women ; suitably 30 % of men and 25 % of women, so similar amount, gets angry, making an impression on the environment.

British writer, B. Cartland wrote: "We desire traditional, real love relationships back. The return of men who take care of woman and the return of women who do not terrorize men. It is like that because feminists are in power. What an abhorrence.

In fact feminism was created to fight for basic civil rights for women, for example passive and active voting rights, which women did not have before. Nobody can discriminate anyone on no score. It does not concern only women and this is indisputable.

Waking women's "appetites" by feminism statements is an old method used also at present by leaders and called: " divide et impera". It consists dividing everybody because than anger does not turn against the goverment. One uses differences between people and their condition. To sensibly think about feminism we should to be aware other differences between people step by step, compare and see: blond and dark-haired, small and tall, fat and slim, rich and poor, fast and slow, ill and healthy, etc. We should stand against suggestion conected with propagated and presumed "harm" of women or men.

Teachers, lawyers, librarians, nurses are often women. It is unlucky that feminism conects with blaming of men. Women start to focus on husbands, colleagues, lovers, bosses etc. Rarely, however, they concentrate on sons, brothers, patients, pupils, customers etc. As far as this matter is concerned mainly women take care of growing up of men either. At home as well as at school. As a result they have the greater impact on personality characters of men, which are so fiercely attacked by them. We are witness of a common process that consists of charging women's role in social and family life. It is sociologist phenomenon. Because of technological progress hard physical work does not play such an important role now as it used to. Control of birth of children took place, different forms of contraception are known, family model of 2 +1 or 2 + 2 have become more popular. Huge medical progress took place too. Delivery is not more dangerous for woman then other surgery. Hausehold equipment and present technologies of food manufacture allow to spend less time on preparing the meals. The increase of wealth of society also is conducive to use bars, restaurants, dry-cleaner's etc. At the same time hard physical work are replaced with the work of machines, equipments or automats, also outside of the home, in the factory, on the construction. Men do brain - works or light physical works of that. They become weaker physically and less resistant to the stress. These are real resons causing that women can do very similar roles to men, and men interchangeable carry out works traditionally connected with women's role.

Expectations grow, both women and men, which can not always be fulfilled. They cross rationality borders while breaking self-esteem, reciprocation, realization of common goals, honesty and faithfulness. After crossing these borders, feminism becomes destructive and is expression of egocentrism. In specific cases it makes reactions of incomprehension, chaos, loss. It creates peculiar chain reaction of people that are misused and more and more strange one by one.

The physical aggression was identified and explicitly judged negatively both as way of showing emotions and as bringing up method. It is extreme symptoms are punishable and condemned. Some forms of psychic aggression, such as mobbing, harassment or other mental forms of abuse are treated similary. Bessides interest there are left some forms of behaviour such as malice, psychical pressure, rejection, backbiting, long-lasting silence, conscions chainging of the facts, that are known traditionaly as not dangerous. It seems that potentially similar can be these forms used by the person of each genter. However, women are more eloquent and better or more explicitly may express their feelings also in the area of negative feelings. If there is any fight it should be said that it is being carried out by means or forms of psychical agression to a large extent. Being difficult to identify and not having an explicit moral vector this aggression becomes main devise in the use of which women gain upper hand. Their individualism, creativity, discretion and multivariant of behaviour is left for men.

Total realising of actual position of concrete women and understanding the character of phenomenon can help in finding the propriate solve. It is still the question of all present habits and social norms. It makes women depreciated compared with ideal picture that always leaves remembrance of mother, teacher or other women from the childhood.

Feminism makes also problems in family relations as far as shape and family model as well as the way of bringing up is concerned. It gives either hope for critical relation towards the previous known causes by the people of each sex maybe in the next generation, giving numerous exemples of free choice made by men as well as women.